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Horizon 2020: India, EU join hands for research programme to develop a next generation influenza vaccine

Union Government and European Union (EU) have collaborated for research programme named Horizon 2020 to develop Next Generation Influenza Vaccine to protect citizens across the globe. For this research programme, India’s Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and EU have committed Euro 15 million (Rs. 240 crore).

Horizon 2020 research project

Under this project, cost-effective and affordable influenza vaccine will be developed. It aims at advancing the efficacy, safety, duration of immunity, and reactivity against an increased breadth of influenza strains. Rs. 240 crore fund has been earmarked for research and innovation actions under this project.

The vaccine will be developed by EU-India consortia by bringing together multi-disciplinary stakeholders who represent any part of chain from lab to market. It will comprise minimum of three applicants from Europe (three different EU member states) or countries associated to EU programme Horizon 20202 and minimum three applicants from India. Other countries are also free to join this EU-India consortia.


The outcome of this project is expected to contribute to achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG-3) to ensure health and well-being for all. It will help international community to better prepare in the event of an influenza pandemic. It will also give boost India’s National Health Mission.

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Navlekha: Google unveils new platform for Indic language publishers

Search engine giant Google has unveiled Project Navlekha to make online content relevant for more Indian users especially in local languages. It was unveiled along with host of upgrades of Google’s other products at fourth ‘Google for India’ event held in New Delhi. India is important market for Google as it is  second largest population of internet users in the world. At present, amount of online content in Indian languages is only 1% of what is available in English.

Project Navlekha

Navlekha is word derived from Sanskrit meaning “a new way to write.” This project aims to bring 135,000 local language publishers online by making web hosting smooth and simple. It will allow local publishers who do not have websites to make their offline content fit for online publishing in less than a minute. It also comprises tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow publishers to simply scan documents or PDFs and create instant web pages on the platform. No expert digital knowledge is required in the process. Under Navlekha project, Google will help these publishers to receive training and support and a branded page domain for the first three years.

Month: Categories: Science and Technology Current Affairs - 2018