Science and Technology Current Affairs – 2017

Portal ‘Railsaver’ to Improve Energy Efficiency in Indian Railways

Indian Railways launched a web based Electrical Energy Management System called “RAILSAVER”.

[icon name=”icon-info-sign”]RAILSAVER

A web based Portal developed by Centre of Railway Informatics System (CRIS). The portal will furnish a perfect IT based platform for energy consumption data. This will assist in systematic collection, assimilation, interpretation and analysis of data in developing future schemes for conceptualizing, enforcing and further stepping up energy conservation attempts in Indian Railways. The portal will help Indian Railways in cutting down carbon foot print which is very crucial for dealing with the challenges of global warming.

RAILSAVER is a part of the project for “Improving Energy Efficiency in Indian Railway System” being carried out by the Indian Railways under programmatic model of UNDP via Global Environmental Facility (GEF) funding of US $ 5.2 million.

RAILSAVER conceives of specifying model for energy conservation go-aheads in Indian Railway by introduction of energy efficient technologies.


“Sandesh Pathak”- A Software application to aid farmers

C-DAC Mumbai, IIT-Madras, IIIT Hyderabad, IIT Kharagpur, and C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram have jointly developed  the “Sandesh Pathak” software application. The application uses TTS (Text-To-Speech) software to help out farmers by reading out loud SMS messages and benefiting those who may have difficulty in reading. Thus, when a farmer receives an SMS message either containing agriculture-related advice or some other thing, the Sandesh Pathak application will read aloud the content.

The application is available for download from the Appstore of the Mobile Seva Project of Government of India. The application takes the received SMS message as Input and reads the SMS message out aloud. There is also an option to select the language (5 Indian languages supported namely: Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarathi and Telugu) and speed of the voice as normal, slow, slower, fast and faster.

The Sandesh Pathak application is part of the project launched by the Indian Government to assist farmers read SMS which may be of the following types:

  • Advice to solve farming problems viz. fertilizer, weed management, etc.
  • Weather forecasts
  • Updates on latest technology for agriculture, etc.