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Human DNA Profiling Bill soon

The Human DNA Profiling Bill, to create a DNA data centre to profile people accused of serious crimes and unknown deceased is on the anvil. 

  • imageProposal was considered in 2007, but then dropped down due to factor in ethical, moral and legal issues on the sensitive issues.
  • The Bill is drafted by the Department of Biotechnology.
  • The bill allows DNA profiling for cases of culpable homicide, murder, etc.

Does the bill cater to protecting privacy of individuals?

  • The draft Bill envisages that access to the information in the National DNA Data Bank will be restricted to those related to the victim or suspect


  • Establish a DNA Profiling Board to lay down the standards for laboratories, etc.
  • Setting up a National DNA Data Bank.

How DNA analysis helps?

  • DNA analysis makes it feasible to determine whether the source of origin of one body substance is identical to that of another, and to establish the biological relationship, if any, b/w two individuals.

Forensic Material

  • The biological material from which the DNA sample can be lifted includes blood, semen, or any other tissue fluid.

DNA Profiling Board

  • DNA Profiling Board at the national level
  • Similar structures at the State level.
  • Headed by famous molecular biologists with the other members being from police, legal, biological and associated fields.

Functions of the DNA Profiling Board:

  1. Consider and suggest on all ethical and human rights issues rising out of DNA profiling in accordance with the UN vis-à-vis the rights and privacy of citizens, civil liberties and issues having ethical and other social implications.
  2. Make recommendations on the use and dissemination of DNA information.
  3. Assure the accuracy, security and confidentiality of DNA and guidelines destruction of obsolete, expunged or inaccurate information.

Any penalties for DNA data misuse?

  • The Bill lays down guidelines for establishment and functioning of DNA laboratories and Data Banks.
  • Lays guidelines for storage of biological substances and their destruction.
  • Imprisonment up to 3 years and monetary fine on data misuse.

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‘ Valles Marineris ‘: Largest canyon in solar system

imageMars’ Valles Marineris is the largest canyon in our solar system. It is over 4000 km long and 200 km wide, and with a depth of 10 km. This size makes it some ten times longer and five times deeper than Earth’s Grand Canyon. 

Where exactly Valles Marineris located?

  • Valles Marineris is located along the equator of Mars, on the east side of the Tharsis Bulge, and stretches for nearly a quarter of the planet’s circumference.

Where is Earth’s Grand Canyon located?

  • The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona.

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