Chinese Physicist Yu Min awarded State Preeminent Science and Technology Award 2014

Prominent Chinese theoretical physicist Yu Min has been awarded State Preeminent Science and Technology Award for 2014.

Chinese President Xi Jinping gave him the award in the ceremony held at Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

He was awarded for his groundbreaking research which led to the development of China’s first hydrogen bomb in 1967. It was tested after China’s first successful atomic weapons test. He is famously known as China’s ‘Father of Hydrogen bomb’.

About Yu Min

He was a researcher at the Modern Physics Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

His work on nuclear weapon theory played a critical role in the design of the nuclear weapons of China and number of high-tech research projects.

He has also won China’s national scientific progress prizes three time and was honored as a national labor model, and in 1992 was awarded the Guanghua Special Prize.

About State Preeminent Science and Technology Award of China 

It is China’s highest prize, awarded annually by the State president to country’s scientists. It is also referred to as the State Supreme Science and Technology Award and considered as the China’s Nobel Prize.

It was started in 2000 and declared in month of January of every year.

This award consists of monetary sum of 5 million Renminbi (official currency China). Out of this total sum, 10% is given to the awarded scientist, and 90% is given as the fund for his scientific research project.



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