Current Affairs Daily Digest: February 26-27, 2017

The Current Affairs Daily Digest for February 26-27, 2017 with important tid-bits on current affairs

National Current Affairs

India, Israel to celebrate 25 years of diplomatic ties

India and Israel are planning to hold a series of events to celebrate 25 years of establishment of their diplomatic ties. Both countries will hold a series of events on a variety of subjects to celebrate the occasion in a befitting manner. India had established full diplomatic relationship with Israel in 1992 though it had recognised the country in 1950. Both countries have been cooperating each other on many fronts including cooperation in defence and agriculture and achieved milestones in fostering bilateral relationship. Both countries are also committed to further deepening and diversifying the relation in many areas including those of space, science and technology, education and innovation.

Environment, Science and Technology Current Affairs

NASA to send robotic spacecraft to Sun next year

NASA is planning to send its first unmanned robotic spacecraft under Solar Probe Plus mission to Sun in 2018 to probe its atmosphere. It will unveil why the surface of the Sun is not as hot as its atmosphere, how solar wind gets its speed and why the Sun occasionally emits high energy particles that are a danger to unprotected astronauts and spacecraft. The spacecraft has 11.4 centimetres carbon-composite shield designed to withstand temperatures outside spacecraft of 1,370 degrees Celsius. It also has special heat tubes called thermal radiators that will radiate heat that permeates the heat shield to open space. Sun is located about 149 million kilometres from the Earth.

World’s first robot table tennis tutor sets Guinness record

The world’s first robot table tennis tutor named FORPHEUS in Japan has set a new Guinness World Record for its uncanny ability of being able to play the game better than most humans. It has been given the Guinness title for its unique technological intelligence and educational capabilities. FORPHEUS stands for Future Omron Robotics Technology for Exploring Possibility of Harmonised aUtomation with Sinic Theoretics.  Its goal is to harmonise humans and robots, by way of teaching the game of table tennis to human players. It has cutting-edge vision and motion sensors which it uses to gage movement during a match.

International Current Affairs

Iran and Russia agree to jointly produce nuclear fuel

Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) has announced that Russia and Iran have reached an agreement to jointly produce nuclear fuel. The preliminary agreement with Russia on the joint production of nuclear fuel was reached during the nuclear negotiations between Iran and P5+1 nations (major world powers) in 2015.  Iran has developed roadmap for the joint production, which will take two years to be implemented. Besides, it will buy 950 tonnes of uranium from Kazakhstan. This purchase is part of Iran’s international nuclear deal known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran and P5+1 nations.

Australia and Indonesia restore full military ties

Australia and Indonesia have restored full military ties, training exchanges and activities after they were suspended in January 2017. It was announced by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull alongside Indonesian President Joko Widodo. The bilateral defence ties between both countries had reached to ebb after Indonesian military suspended cooperation because of insulting teaching material found at an Australian base.  Military cooperation between two countries ranges from joint training and counterterrorism cooperation to border protection.

EU member states approve visa-free travel for Georgia

European Union member states have approved visa-free travel for Georgia. The proposal now requires formal signature by the 28 member states of EU and the European Parliament. The permission was granted after agreeing safeguards to prevent any upsurge in arrivals from the former Soviet satellite. Under the accord, Georgian citizens will be able to travel visa-free for 90 days in the EU during any 180-day period. The accord does not apply to the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Sports Current Affairs

Kalinga Lancers wins 5th Hockey India League Title

Kalinga Lancers won the fifth edition Hockey India League Title. In the final match held in Chandigarh, they defeated Dabang Mumbai by four to one goals. Uttar Pradesh Wizards claimed the bronze medal. In this edition of the league, Fairplay Trophy was awarded to Kalinga Lancers, Top-scorer was awarded to Moritz Fuerste and Glenn Turner (12 goals each), the upcoming player award was given to Harmanpreet Singh, player-of-the-Tournament was given to Florian Fuchs and achiever-of-the-Tournament was given to Florian Fuchs.

India wins 1 gold, 1 silver medals at Shooting World Cup

India won two medals, a gold and silver medal each at the shooting World Cup held in New Delhi. In the 10m mixed team air pistol event, duo of Jitu Rai and Heena Sidhu won the Gold medal. In men’s double trap event, Ankur Mittal won Silver medal. Earlier, Pooja Ghatkar had won bronze medal for India in the 10m Air Rifle event.

Miscellaneous Current Affairs

Mumbai is richest Indian city

According to New World Wealth, India’s financial capital Mumbai, is the richest Indian city with a total wealth of $820 billion. It is home to 46,000 millionaires and 28 billionaires. Mumbai followed by Delhi (2nd), Bengaluru (3rd) and Kolkata (4th). Delhi is home to 23,000 millionaires and 18 billionaires with a total wealth of $450 billion. Bengaluru houses 7,700 millionaires and 8 billionaires with total wealth of $320 billion. Hyderabad with a total wealth of $310 billion is home to 9,000 millionaires and 6 billionaires. Kolkata is home to 9,600 millionaires and 4 billionaires with total wealth of $290 billion.

Radhanagar beach in Andamans featured in top 10 beaches of World

Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ Radhanagar beach has featured among the top 10 beaches of the World. The list was released by TripAdvisor, an American travel website company. Radhanagar beach on the Havelock Island in the Andamans has secured 8th position and topped in Asia. The Baia do Sancho Fernando de Noronha in Brazil topped the list followed by Grace Bay Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, Eagle Beach in Aruba. Goa’s Agonda beach was placed at No 5 positon. TripAdvisor honoured 343 beaches, including the top 25 in the world. They were ranked based on the quantity and quality of traveller reviews and ratings for beaches on TripAdvisor, gathered over a 12-month period.

Former Union Minister P Shiv Shankar passes away

Former Union Minister P Shiva Shankar passed away in Hyderabad, Telangana after prolonged illness. He was 88. He also served as Governor of Sikkim and Kerala.  For first time he was elected from Secunderabad Lok Sabha constituency in 1979 on the Congress party ticket. He had served Law Minister in the Indira Gandhi Cabinet in 1980. From 1985 tol 1993, he represented the Congress as Rajya Sabha member from Gujarat. He also had served as External Affairs and Human Resource Development Minister.



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