Delhi Government launches Phase 2 of odd-even scheme

Delhi Government has launched the second phase of odd-even car rationing scheme to check pollution in the national capital.

The second phase will be from 15 April 2016 till 30 April 2016. The scheme aims at curbing vehicular pollution and reducing traffic congestion on the roads of NCR Delhi.

Key facts

  • Under it, four wheelers with licence plates ending in an odd number will ply on odd dates and those ending with an even number can run on even dates.
  • It will be between 8am and 8pm and on Sunday no restrictions are applied. The penalty in case of a violation is Rs. 2,000.
  • During this implementation, public transport including buses and the Metro will be run at high frequency. Residents are being urged to carpool in order to reduce pressure on public transport.
  • Exemptions: President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Union Ministers and other VIPs have been exempted. Besides emergency vehicles, vehicles driven by women, CNG vehicles and cars carrying school children in uniforms will be also exempted.



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  • Farooq Mir

    appreciable step

  • ratnesh

    cars driven by women cause less pollution?

    • Sahoo

      No,they cause equal pollution as our cars do. But thinking of people like you hinder the growth process of India and cause mental pollution !!