Delhi Government launches New Scheme for E-Rickshaws

Delhi government has launched new E-Rickshaw Sewa Scheme. This scheme will pave the way for the battery- operated vehicles in Delhi.

Key facts of E-Rickshaw Sewa Scheme

  • E-rickshaws will be registered as transport vehicle under registration series DL-1ER and will be granted contract as per carriage permits.
  • This battery operate vehicle will have seating capacity of four persons, excluding the driver, with maximum luggage weight of 40 kg.
  • The model of vehicle must be in accordance with provisions of section 126 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.
  • Every e-rickshaw should have a yellow colour reflective strip on its rear side. Besides, the name, address and telephone number of permit holder should be painted on the left side of the vehicle.
  • The dimensions of the e-rickshaw should not exceed length of 2.8 meters, 1.8 meters height and 1 meter width. Every such vehicle should also have valid fitness certificate issued from the department.
  • The owner of the e-rickshaw should possess a valid license to drive the vehicle besides a public service badge.


This decision comes after Union Cabinet approval to promulgate an ordinance on December 24 as a bill regulating these vehicles was not able to pass through the Parliament.