‘Digital cloud’ for every Indian on anvil

PM Narendra Modi’s next giant drive to free up service delivery from the hold of the lower bureaucracy will be in the form of a ‘digital cloud’ for every Indian.

Now, Certificates issued by the Govt.: Education, residential, medical records, birth certificates, etc. will be saved in separate ‘digital lockers’ and a communication protocol will be established for Govt Departments to access them without actually having to see the hard copy.

The idea is very clear,  it is not desired that copies of certificates issued by the government itself to be carried everywhere by people to government offices for several services, e.g. if a student is applying for a government college and has studied in a government-aided school, his birth certificate, identity details and educational certificates, school-leaving details, et al should be available to Govt. institutes where he is applying. Likewise his medical records, etc.



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  • Jobins Joseph

    Much needed and appreciable step by the Government.

  • aiden

    superb idea of PM Narendra modi….