New Facelock Technology obviates the need to remember complex passwords

Researchers at the University of York in the U.K have developed a new technology named Facelock technology which provides an alternative to remembering complicated passwords.

Retaining complicated passwords has always been a difficult job for most people. There is also a risk of hacking if the passwords are kept too simple.

The new Facelock technology attempts to deal with these issues. It is based on human psychological trait of remembering familiar faces with close to 98% accuracy.

Facelock needs users to choose from a selection of faces that are well known to them. Then when they want to log in or get access to a secure system, a series of face grids is created, and users must select the familiar face in each grid.

As per researchers, it’s easy for users to select a familiar face from the crowd — but very difficult for others to hack, since none of the faces will stand out to them.



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  • kavya

    wow!good thing. i think facelock is helpful. It wll be clicked if it is used.

  • asutosh

    its amazing i think now my facebook account is secure