Fourth round of India-China border talks concludes

On July 16, 2020, the 15-hour long India-China border talks concluded at 02:30 AM. The senior military commanders of the countries held discussions on the Indian side of the border in Ladakh.


The commanders mainly discussed the de-escalation at Depsang and Pangong Tso. There was no statement from Indian side as several more rounds are required on the issue given the complexities involved.


The discussions held between Lieutenant General Harinder Singh and Major General Liu Lin was the fourth since June, 2020.

India demands the Chinese to withdraw completely from positions they occupied in April 2020. The Chinese have made inroads in the region of Pangong Tso and Depsang plains in eastern Ladakh.

Recent Developments

With the previously held talks, Indian and Chinese troops agreed to back from three friction points namely Gogra, hot springs and Galwan valley. A buffer zone of 3-4 km was created in these regions to ensure the troops do not engage with each other.

Pangong Tso lake

India holds till Finger 4 of the Pangong Tso. Indian Armed Forces used to patrol till Finger 8. The Chinese hold territories till Finger 8 and demanding India to vacate positions till Finger 2, a demand not accepted by India. India holds one-third of the lake and the remaining two-thirds are held by the Chinese. Fingers refer to the mountain folds jutting into the lake.

Depsang plains

In the plains the Chinese have come 18-20 km into the Indian territory. The plains are crucial area for the Indian Army. This is because the DSDBO (Darbuk-Shyok-Daulat Beg Oldie) road from Leh connects to the highest landing strip of India. It is located at the base of Karakoram range. The Karakoram range separates China’s Xinjiang province from Ladakh.