Fraudsters duped crores of rupees under PM-KISAN Nidhi Scheme

Department of Agriculture in a recent probe identified as many as 90,000 ineligible beneficiaries under the PM-KISAN Nidhi Scheme in Villupuram districts in Tamil Nadu. So far 7.5 crore amount has been recovered from the ineligible beneficiaries.

How did ineligible beneficiaries receive the amount?

In a report generated after the primary investigation, it was revealed that fake beneficiaries from Villupuram districts and other districts misused the user ID and password of the government officials and registered their names under the scheme. These fraudulent people registered more than one person from their family under the scheme and received the cash subsidy in their bank account. Moreover, they also received more than one instalment in their bank account under the scheme.

What is PM-KISAN Nidhi Scheme?

It is a central government scheme wherein, hundred per cent funding is provided by the Government of India. The Scheme came into existence from the year 2018.  As per the scheme, small and marginal farmer family who have combined land of up to two Hectare will receive three thousand rupees per year in three equal instalments. The fund will be directly transferred to the bank account of the beneficiary without any involvement f middle man. As per the scheme, the definition of family will include husband, wife and minor children. The farmer families will be identified by the State government and UT government.

What about the rest of the amount?

As of now, around 7.5 crore amount which was credited in the bank account of 20,500 ineligible beneficiary family in a fraudulent way has been recovered by the government. The remaining amount is expected to be recovered within the next ten days then only we will know the total amount which was duped by the fraudsters.