Germany to organize “myCopter Project Day” in November 2014

As per an announcement by myCopter coordinator, myCopter Project Day will be held in Braunschweig in Germany on 20 November 20, 2014.

myCopter Project

myCopter Project was conceptualized in 2007 with an aim to design Personal Aerial Vehicles and to develop an effective, efficient and user-friendly Personal Aerial Transportation System. The initial project is almost complete, and the next phase of MyCopter will end on myCopter Project Day.

Six research institutions of Europe are working together to study the feasibility of developing small commuter helicopters. The European Union had provided $4.7 million grant for the project.

myCopter Project

The project was conceived in response to a 2007 European Union report called Out of the Box: Ideas About the Future of Air Transport. The report invited ideas from researchers on radical changes to Europe’s current transportation system, including ideas for a personal air vehicle.

The project is the brainchild of Heinrich H. Bülthoff, director of perception, cognition and action at the Max Planck Institute, Germany.

The myCopter project aims to make progress in 3 specific research areas which include User-centred Human Machine Interface and Training, Automation and Socio-technological assessment.



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