Global Hunger Index 2020: India ranked 94th.

The Global hunger index was launched on October 16 2020. It has been jointly prepared by Welhunger life and Concern Worldwide.  This year,  India has been ranked 94th Out of 107 countries.  In 2018 was  India ranked 103 while in 2019  India was ranked 102.

Key findings of the report

  • The report ranked the countries on the basis of four indicators – undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting and child mortality.
  • The report has put India under “serious category” and has given the score of 27.2.
  • The child stunting rate, for age group 0-5 years, in India was reported as 37.4 %.
  • Wasting in child was reported as 17.3 %.  Undernourishment rate of India is 14%. As per the report, child mortality rate is 3.7 %.
  • Nepal has been ranked 73rd,  Bangladesh has been ranked 75th while Pakistan has been ranked 88th this year.

Cause and Concerns

The report highlights that the countries including India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan had faced concentrated stunting among children during 1991-2014. The primary reasons for stunting are household poverty,  poor dietary diversity and low levels of maternal education. Further, the report states that, with this trajectory world will not be able to achieve zero hunger by 2030 which is one of the major sustainable development goals by United Nations.


  • “Wasting” means the child is having  low weight as per the height.
  • “Undernourishment” is the share of population with insufficient caloric intake.
  • “Stunting” means the child is having low height for their weight.