Government constitute Kamlesh Chandra Committee to study wage structure of Gramin Dak Sevaks

The Union Government has constituted a committee to examine the wage structure, service conditions of the Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) in the Department of Posts (DoP).

It is one member committee comprising of Kamlesh Chandra, Retired Member of Postal Services Board. The Committee will be assisted by Senior Administrative Grade Officer T.Q. Mohammad who will act as Secretary to the GDS Committee.

Terms of reference of the Committee

  • The Committee will go into the service conditions of GDS and suggest changes as considered necessary.
  • Examine the present system of Branch Post Offices, engagement conditions and existing structure of wage and enrolments paid to the GDS and recommend necessary changes.
  • Review the existing Services Discharge Benefits Scheme and also other social security benefits for the GDS and suggest necessary changes.
  • Review the existing facilities as well as welfare measures provided to the GDS and suggest necessary changes.
  • Examine and suggest any changes in the (i) method of minimum qualification for engagement as GDS. (ii) Conduct and disciplinary rules of GDS, particularly keeping in view the proposed induction of technology in the Rural Post Offices.

Gramin Dak Sevaks: They are extra-departmental agents recruited by the Department of Post (DoP) to serve in rural areas. Presently, DoP has around 2.6 lakh Gramin Dak Sevaks and they have been demanding pay and facilities at par with regular postal department employees.



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  • abhilash

    The pay and facilities should be increased!!!!!!!
    They work more than they get…
    Pay is too less to survive

    • sampath

      Sir increase the working hours and salaries.2 &3 hours work are remove .give a more working hours.30&40 years persons are performing as GDS .next generation these salaries are very bad iam requesting you to increase the working hours and salaries.

    • Ramesh

      My name is Ramesh. I have been working as a g.d.s mc-md in ayyavaripalli (b.o) prakasam order to dispatch letters daily I travel 35 km by cycle.even we work more than 8hours duty government treat us as a know my salary is is not a salary it T.R.C.A (time relevant continuity alavence.we know that India got independence but g.d.s’s not yet.because we have no medical alvence and no pension no leaves.

  • suprabha

    yes the wage should be increased with other facilities

  • sumedh

    Wages should be increased by gov.because they have more work than postman frequently.

  • dheerendra Kumar

    the pay must increases becoz they work more than their fixed time. and their TRCA is very less by which their courage decreases for working honestly. The major problem of GDS is their low pay. by which they often remain unsatisfied.

  • nagaraj

    Sir plse pay and facilities incresaes and more then all gds employes 8hours working day and frist abolish the trc rules and minimum 18000 rs salary and abolish enggegment rules

  • M.Anil Kumar

    A humble request to our prime minister and information technology minister and kamalesh chandra ji. the welfare of GDS are too bad.because the cost of living is very high now a days.before 2006 only local bodies are working but now a days a very talented persons non local are joined for developing of post offices.but these persons are resigned for in sufficient of salary’s. so we develop our nation the villages are very impotent.only central government source is post offices to develop please recognize as government civil servants and at lest group-D salary narms giving to GDS.for 8 hours duty.before 2006 local bodies work TRCA and remaining time for farmer works alternately now a days non local persons joined the entire day for office works.the giving salary is not sufficient for housing rent also so many skilled persons resigned for in sufficient salary so latest 18000 per month salary giving to GDS person and every year conduct premonition departmental examination.please please consider sir


    Minimum how salary will be?
    & when they will be a government employee

  • Jas Mann

    Pay should be increase becos they do more work than they get pay for it. BPm should do only clerical work not ki hal ae y g a gdsmd .

  • ravi

    Please give minimum salary 18000 to the Garmin dak decal

  • vipul

    Gds ko bahut kam saleriy milti hai

  • Teekaram Arakh

    Plzzz sir salary km se km 18000 rs kar deni chaheye
    Taki family cla ske plzzzz my request hm log 3 hours se jayeda km karte h or computer ka bhi work karte h fir hmko only 3 hours ki salary di jati h hm log km se km 7- 8 hours kam krte h only salary 3 hours ki di jaati h

  • Geeta shrma

    Less Working hours and low salary, need to be increase.

  • Tarun


    Dear Kamlesh chandraji and P.M. and other concerned,
    I agree with Mr. Ramesh about extending our hands for developing villages in India. As a GDS MD we are working as equal as a regular postman. But we are not getting what we deserve and not able to give good life to our families. We work almost full day and there is no possibility of doing other works for additional earning. Please do study the situations well and add some other works which will help in developing the villages apart from this, which comes under central government.
    Pls do justice to GDS employees.
    Thanking you sir.

  • ravi naik gds

    Really not satisfied in these stage of salary’s and how to leaving this salary plzz may I request ed Srr plzz increase our life values ..thank u

  • v.raju

    how ever the black money are coming out please give nice &more salaries for gramina dak sevak employes majority of gds are working more than 8 hours v.raju gdsmd gprec s.o kurnool518007

  • Dnyaneshwar bhoge

    Sir I win silver medal in all India Postal Wrestling tournament so what is the facilities for me?like entry in dept/ increment

  • hari krishna

    how much salary get GDSMC present 7cpc?

  • pandi R

    Gds BPM how much salary for proposed 7th cpc

  • hilal

    Plz increase salary of such low paid empolyees.treat them as permanent empolyees of departmen.