Government divides Maharashtra and Gujarat Naval Areas into two Separate Headquarters

Union Ministry of Defence has divided erstwhile Maharashtra and Gujarat (MnG) Naval Area into two separate headquarters in order to enhance operational and administrative organizational structure.

They have been divided under Flag Officer Maharashtra Area and Flag Officer Gujarat Naval Area.

The division will help

  • For better vigilance on the sea border with Pakistan
  • In better communication and coordination with the respective state governments, local authorities and fishermen.

The charge of Flag Officer Maharashtra Area was assumed by Rear Admiral Satish Namdeo Ghormade. While, Rear Admiral Murlidhar Pawar will assume as Flag Officer of Gujarat Naval Area.


The idea of dividing the existing Maharashtra and Gujarat Naval Area into two parts was mooted after considering breach in naval security from Pakistan’s side on at least on two occasions i.e. 26/11 terrorist attack in 2008 and destroying of ship carrying ammunition by Indian Navy in 2014.



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