Greek Parliament elects Zoe Konstantopoulou as its new President

Greek Parliament has elected Zoe Konstantopoulou, a member of the left wing party Syriza as its new President.

She was elected after receiving a record number of 235 of 300 deputies’ votes in the Parliament. With this win, she has the record of more votes a President of parliament received after the restoration of democracy in Greece in 1974.

She is second woman from Greek to be President of country after Anna Psarouda-Benaki who was elected in 2004. Zoe Konstantopoulou is also the youngest ever elected as President of the Greek Parliament.

About Zoe Konstantopoulou

She is a lawyer by profession and specialized in National, European and International Criminal Law and Human Rights.

She was first elected in the Greek parliament in 2012 with the left wing party Syriza from the First Athens District.

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