Himachal Pradesh government sets up satellite tracking system to check forest fire

Himachal Pradesh forest department has set up the satellite tracking system to check and find the forest fire incidents during summer season.

The main aim of this tracking system is to protect the precious forest in the state from forest fires. The system is designed in such a way that, occurrence of any fire in the vicinity of forests, will immediately send SMS alerts to forest officials.

Forest department also has constituted 700 participatory committees for people participation. Along with it, more than 90 water tanks have been constructed and 100 watch towers had been erected so that the people could easily detect fire incidents.

Apart from this tracking system, state forest department also has launched awareness campaign throughout the state for protection of forests from fire and involving local people in detecting fire incidents.

Thus this initiative will help to protect the precious forest cover in Himachal Pradesh which is the main wealth and identification of this hill state. It should be noted that in every summer the forest fire is a big challenge before the state forest department and now by using satellite tracking system, continuous vigil will be kept on the forests.

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