IIT Kharagpur: Rapid testing device to detect COVID-19 in one hour

The researchers of IIT Kharagpur has developed rapid diagnostic device to detect COVID-19 infection within one hour.


The device will help to bring the cost of COVID-19 testing far down as compared to that of the RT-PCR machines. Thereby, COVID-19 testing facility shall be availed for under-served communities. The cost of the test is less than Rs 400.

About the test

The test is done using a disposable simple paper-strip for chemical analysis and visualization. The results of the test can be accessed from a customised smartphone application. The same test can be conducted for large number of COVID-19 patients by simply changing the paper cartridge after each test. The test can be operated by minimally trained personnel.


India is currently planning to increase its COVID-19 testing through out the country through its “Test, Track and Treat” strategy. Also, the government is adopting plasma therapy and opening plasma banks to increase the recovery rate of COVID-19. Besides, GoI has partnered with Bharat Biotech to launch the first indigenously developed COVID-19 vaccine called COVAXIN. The clinical trials of the vaccine is being conducted by several leading institutes of the country including AIIMS. The vaccine is expected to be launched on August 15, 2020.

The rapid testing device now developed by IIT Kharagpur if when implemented along with the above strategies, will help India improve its recovery rate. The current recovery rate of India is 63.5%.