IMBEX 2018-19

India-Myanmar bilateral army exercise, IMBEX 2018-19, has begun at Chandimandir Military Station which houses the headquarters of the Western Command.

Objectives of the IMBEX 2018-19

It is the second edition of the IMBEX. The objectives of IMBEX 2018-19 are:

  • Train the Myanmar delegation for participation in United Nations peacekeeping operations under the UN flag.
  • Training the Myanmar Army delegation on tactics, procedures, expertise and methodology required by contingents of the member nations for serving in UN peacekeeping operations.
  • Provide opportunities to the army personnel of both the nations to serve effectively in UN missions by providing understanding about each other’s training, tactics, procedures and best practices.

India is one of the largest contributors to the UN peacekeeping force and has a rich experience of serving in UN peacekeeping operations. This expertise will be shared with the delegation from Myanmar. This delegation would form the core group of trainers who will further impart training to Myanmar Army personnel who are likely to serve in UN peacekeeping operations.

United Nations Peace Keeping Force

United Nations Peace Keeping Force are employed in areas of armed conflict to maintain or re-establish peace. The UN Peacekeeping Forces would be employed only when both parties to a conflict accept their presence.

Often referred to as Blue Helmets, the peacekeeping operations are authorised by the United Nations Security Council which is authorised by the United Nations Charter to maintain global peace.