India makes first contribution to UN Trust Fund for victims of sexual exploitation

India has contributed US 100,000 dollars to the United Nations’ Trust Fund in support of victims of sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers.

With this India became the first country to make a contribution to the fund and to start UN fund for sex abuse victims.

Key Facts

  • With this contribution, India has illustrated its strong commitment to victim-centred approach in addressing sexual exploitation and abuse by UN civilian and uniformed personnel.
  • The Trust Fund was established in March 2016 under the aegis of United Nations Department of Field Support (DFS).
  • The fund seeks to support services for victims and address gaps in services. UN member countries can voluntary make contributions to the Trust Fund.


  • Historically, India  has been one of the largest troop-contributing countries in the UN peacekeeping operations. Currently, India is second largest contributor of military and police personnel.
  • In the past, UN had faced severe backlash over allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by its peacekeepers, particularly those working in Central African Republic.
  • In 2015, 69 allegations were recorded against peacekeepers but no Indian was accused of any wrongdoing. No Indian peacekeeper faced any allegations of misconduct.
  • India has strongly maintained that instances of sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepers are abhorrent and repugnant. India also has underscored that it has a zero tolerance policy on such cases.
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  • Arpit walia

    An Investment for the Cause is up to the mark and related to it there must be some importance to our nation also that is facing it on a huge mark. As a citizen of any nation every one wants to be liberal and free from and exploitations that keeps on going in Our nation must have gone totally stop by some years from now, must have been the objective and peoples get to know their responsiblities and keeps them aware about the society and themselves for the Absues.