India ranks 39th in Asia Pacific on fixed broadband: UNESCAP Report

India ranks a low 39th in terms of fixed broadband adoption in the list of 53 Asia Pacific countries.

It was revealed by the recently released report ‘State of ICT in Asia and the Pacific 2016: Uncovering the Widening Broadband Divide’. It was published by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

According to report

  • India ranks lower than countries such as Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh in fixed broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants in 2015 .
  • Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Macao, Australia and Singapore topped the list. In India, just 1.35 of its citizens have subscribed to fixed broadband service in 2015.
  • The subscriptions per 100 inhabitants in the ESCAP region are behind Latin America and the Caribbean countries. It is far lower than Europe and North America.
  • Fixed broadband penetration in Asia and the Pacific is below the world’s average of 11.2 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants in 2015.
  • From 2005 onwards, there was a dramatic increase fixed broadband subscriptions in the ESCAP region.
  • In 2005, the ESCAP region merely constituted 38.1% of the global total fixed broadband subscriptions. It was followed by Europe (28.6%) and North America (26.5%).
  • According to the latest ITU (International Telecommunication Union) data for 2015, more than half of the global fixed broadband subscriptions are from Asia and the Pacific (52.3%). This is followed by Europe (21.9%) and North America (14.1%).



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