India ranks second in global business optimism index: Report

As per recently released report, India was ranked second in the global business optimism index during the third quarter (July-September 2016).

It was revealed by the Grant Thornton International Business Report. India has improved its ranking by one spot in the index.

The report was prepared on the basis of a quarterly conducted global business survey of 2,500 businesses across 36 economies. Earlier in second quarter (April-June 2016) India was ranked third after being on top for two consecutive quarters.

 Key Facts

  • In the report Indonesia took the top spot and Philippines was placed third after India.
  • India was able to improve its rank because of policy reforms and adaptation of Goods and Services tax (GST).
  • The improvement clearly reflects that the reform agenda of the government and its efforts on improving the climate for doing business are having an impact.
  • Globally, business optimism stands at net 33%, rising 1 percentage point from the previous quarter but has failed by 11 percentage points over the year.



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  • puja

    Now that rupeess 500 and 1000 indian currency notes are mere pieces of papers from the midnight of 8th nov. 2016 and our government has announced new notes of rs. 500 and 2000, this revolutionary step would not only curb black money but surely it would also improve india’s ranking in the 4th quarter of global business optimism index and india would occupy the top position.