India-US conduct PASSEX Exercise

On July 20, 2020, the US Navy carrier USS Nimitz conducted maritime drills with Indian warships in the Middle East. The PASSEX exercise comes during a period when India and China are locked in tensed border.


The USS Nimitz (world’s largest aircraft carrier) was on its way from South China Sea. The naval carrier recently participated in the military exercise conducted in the South China sea along with USS Ronald Reagan.


The Indian Navy has conducted similar PASSEX with Japan Maritime Self Defence Force and French Navy. PASSEX is a passage exercise. A passage exercise is normally conducted when there is an opportunity in contrast to pre-planned maritime drills.

The PASSEX was conducted even while Malabar exercise is fast approaching.


It is good to conduct frequent exercises with like-minded navies. This will help exchange opportunities.  Malabar Exercise is usually held between India, Japan and the US. This year Australia is likely to join the trio.

Generally, PASSEX is referred to practice cooperation.

Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force

It is the Japan Navy. It was formed after World War II. It has a fleet of 154 ships and 346 aircrafts. Since 2000, it is the fourth largest Navy in the world.