Indiaex-2012: US And Indian Navies Demonstrate Submarine Rescue Operations

INDIAEX 2012: The U.S. and Indian navies bilateral exercise.

imageFirst time where the compatibility of a U.S. Navy’s Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS) with Indian navy submarines will be estimated.


  • Demonstrating cooperation b/w the U.S. submarine rescue system and Indian submarines.
  • Indian navy submarines to participate with the U.S. Navy’s Undersea Rescue Command (URC) to practice rescue scenarios which demonstrate URC’s SRDRS.

Why is INDIAEX-2012 unique ? Why is it important for INDIA ? About INS Nireekshak and the Present situation of India in Deep Submergence Rescue Vessels (DSRV) ?

Why is INDIAEX-2012 unique ? Why is it important for INDIA ?

  • INDIAEX-2012 is unique since it will demonstrate the rescuing of trapped submariners from deep under the sea.
  • This is crucial to India since it has an ageing fleet of 14 diesel-electric submarines which includes 10 Russian `Kilo’ class and four German HDW ones.
  • India also has leased the nuclear-powered INS Chakra from Russia earlier in 2012.
  • India also hopes to make its own nuclear submarine INS Arihant operational next year which will be followed by six French Scorpene submarines, being constructed at Mazagon Docks and slated for delivery in 2015-2020.

About INS Nireekshak:

  • Indian Navy’s deep sea diving support vessel.
  • With an on-board submersible capsule called ‘Bell’, assisted in the conduct of the exercise providing safety back-up.

Present situation of India in Deep Submergence Rescue Vessels (DSRV) ?

  • The US Navy uses a deep-submergence rescue vessel (DSRV)
  • But, India currently relies more on Russian-made pressurized escape suits in the Sindhughosh-class submarines and rescue spheres that can be punched out during trouble (as in fighter aircraft) in Shishumar-class submarines.
  • INS Nireekshak’s clearance divers operating out of ‘Bell’ can only assist at limited depths.
  • India has thus been thinking of buying a couple of DSRVs for long.


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