Indian aid to Bhutan: Rs 4,500 crore Assistance Package to improve the livelihood of Bhutanese

Screenshot_7As per the 11th five year plan of Government of India (GOI), India will contribute Rs.4500 crores Assistance Package to Bhutan. The package will help the landlocked country to implement major projects over the 11th Five Year Plan that will improve the livelihood of its people. 

India’s assistance to the Eleventh Five –Year Plan (2013-2018) to Bhutan

  • Project Tied Assistance (PTA)- Rs. 2800 crore.
  • Small Development Projects- Rs. 850 crore.
  • Development Subsidy or Program Grant-Rs. 850 crore.

In addition, GOI agreed to provide as Rs. 500 Crore as Economic Stimulus Package, to boost the Bhutanese economy and help the RGOB to tackle the liquidity shortage.



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  • Rohan

    I am really sceptical about India’s planning programs. Granting Rs4500 crore is a huge amount to spend on our neighbouring country rather than focussing on policies to improve the Indian state of economy which is on a path of slow and sluggish progress.