Indira Gandhi Peace Prize awarded to Sir David Attenborough

On September 7, 2020, sir David Attenborough was conferred with the prestigious Indira Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2019.

David Attenborough

He is an English broadcaster and a historian. He is popular for writing and presenting BBC Natural History unit. He worked to make aware to preserve and protect biodiversity of the planet.

Other recipients

The other recipients of the award are Centre for science and Environment in 2018, United Nations High Commission for Refugees in 2015, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) in 2014, Kofi Annan in 2003, UNICEF in 1989, Parliamentarians for Global Action in 1986.

About the award

The Indira Gandhi Peace Prize award is for peace, disarmament and development. It has been named after the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. It Is being conferred every year since 1986 by Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust. It consists of monetary award of Rs 25 lakhs. The award recognizes efforts of organizations and individuals working to create international economic order, ensure that scientific discoveries are used for lager goof to humanity and also to those who ensure scientific discoveries are used to enlarge scope of freedom.