International Indigenous Terra Madre- 2015 begins in Shillong

International Indigenous Terra Madre- 2015 kicked off in Shillong, Meghalaya with theme The Future We Want: Indigenous Perspectives and Actions.

The five day-long unique event will bring over a 100 tribes from 58 countries including from 17 Asian countries, 14 African countries, 12 American countries, 8 European countries and 7 Oceanian countries.

Key facts

  • It has been organised as collaboration between Slow Food, North East Slow Food and Agro biodiversity Society (NESFAS) and Indigenous Partnership for Agro biodiversity and Food Sovereignty (Indigenous Partnership).
  • The five-day international fiesta will celebrate the biological and cultural diversity of indigenous communities as expressed in their songs, folklores, dance, dress and food systems that have evolved and passed on from generation to generation in close interaction with nature.

Tera Madre is a network of Indigenous food communities involved in promotion of Indigenous culture as well as conservation of bio-diversity.



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  • michael n yahgualanaas

    60,000 people attended the last day! The conversations and presentations by delegates throughout the event were very impressive. The Indian Government has now committed to a similar regional event next year followed by a national Indigenous Terra Madre in two years. The Chief Minister for the State also expressed a desire to host the next International event in India. This was a most impressive commitment to the issues of Indigenous and Peasant agriculture which currently produces 70% of the planets foods. Compare that to the remaining 30% which requires almost 14 trillion dollars of subsidies!