Israel elected as Chair of UNGA’s Legal Committee for the first time

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has recently elected Israel to chair its Legal Committee for the first time in the world body’s 71-year history.

In this regard, Israel has won the chairmanship of the UN’s legal affairs committee with 109 votes from the 193 member states in a secret ballot. Israel was a candidate for the regional Western European and Others Group (WEOG).

Though the chair of Legal Committee is a largely symbolic and procedural role, but it will give Israel a chance to play a higher profile role in routine affairs at the United Nations.

About UNGA’s Legal Committee

  • The legal Committee is also known as the sixth Committee. It overseas UN activities related to international laws.
  • It serves as a forum for the consideration of legal questions in the UN General Assembly and has universal membership.
  • The UN’s other five standing committees oversee the areas of disarmament, economic and financial issues, human rights, decolonization and the UN budget.



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