Justin Trudeau elected as Canada’s new PM

Justin Trudeau of Liberal Party has been elected as 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.

He is eldest son of Canada’s former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who was in office for 16 years and led the country till 1984.

With this Justin Trudeau (age 43 years) became the second youngest Prime Minister of Canada and the first to follow a parent into office. The youngest Prime Minister was Joe Clark (age 40 years) of Conservative party who was elected to office in 1979.

Trudeau is a former school teacher and was elected as Member of Parliament for first time in 2008 and again in 2011 and 2015.


  • In the 2015 Canadian Federal election, Liberal Party has emerged victorious by winning 185 seats (54% votes) in 338 member House of Commons (Lower House of Parliament).
  • Conservative Party led by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has emerged as largest opposition party by winning 99 seats by securing 29% votes.
  • It was followed by New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada led by Thomas Mulcair which has won 44 seats.
  • India-Origin candidates: In this election, record 19 India-Origin candidates have won the election. 15 candidates belong to Liberal Party, while 3 are from Conservative Party and one from NDO.



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