Karnataka Government to build “Transit Homes” for Migrant Workers

The Karnataka Government is to build transit homes for migrant workers. The homes aim to provide better living conditions for the migrant workers. This is being launched because of the reverse migration in Karnataka amid lock down.


The project is being launched with an inspiration from “Apna Ghar” project of Kerala. The expected cost of the project is Rs 50 crores. The transit homes will have kitchens so that the migrant workers can cook their own meals. Also, they will have to pay minimal maintenance fee for their stay.

The plan is to build four transit homes. Each transit home is to accommodate 3,00 workers.

Migration in India

Apart from migration due to COVID-19, there are other migration in the country. They are as follows

  • Long Term Migration: It results in relocation of an individual
  • Short Term Migration: It involves back and forth movement between a source and a destination

The key states from where migration occurs in India are UP, MP, AP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan. The states where the migrants migrate to are Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana and Karnataka.

India constitutes to 309 internal migrants. This is 30% of total population according to Census 2001. Of the total migrants in the country, 70% are women. Marriage is one of the major reasons for increased female migration.

Constitutional Provisions

Article 19 provides rights to all citizens to move freely throughout the country. It also provides the rights to reside and settle in any part of the country.

Internal Migration

In India, internal migration is fueled by rural-urban wage difference and urbanization. Also, it is much greater than that of external migration. Every year December 8 is marked as International Migrants Day.

United Nations

The United Nations in 2016 adopted New York Declaration for refugees and migrants. It commits to protect human rights, dignity, safety and fundamental freedom of all migrants regardless of their migratory status.

Around 11 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals include migrants as indicators.