Kerala Government announced ‘Dream Kerala’ Project

The Kerala State Government Cabinet on 1st July 2020 has decided to roll out a project for the rehabilitation of Non-Resident Indian’s (NRI’s) returning to the state following the loss of employment due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The project has been named as ‘Dream Kerala’ Project’.

Important of NRI Remittances

For Kerala, the importance of NRI remittances is much more than any other state in the country, over the decades the remittances from the NRI’s have continued to play a significant part in the economy of the state. In 2018, NRI remittances were Rs 85,000 crore in the state. However, with the global financial crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  it is expected a total of around 52 percent of the NRI’s will return to the state after losing their jobs.

Dream Kerala Project

Through the Dream Kerala Project, not only rehabilitation will be provided to the returning expatriate but the success of the project will depend on the use of the expertise, skills, and knowledge of the returning Keralites who are trained in international job scenario and have an experience of the global market. The project will be coordinated through various departments of the Kerala Government.

The Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan has set a target for the successful implementation of the project within 100 days from 1st July 2020. Within this time period, the State Government will accept proposals and suggestions from the Keralites, an expert panel will be formed to decide on proposals submitted, also a panel of young civil servants will be formed for expert opinions. Apart from these, from 15th to 30th July, a Dream Kerala Ideathon will be conducted followed by a Sectorial Hackathon from 1st to 10 August.

In the State Assembly, on 14th August 2020, the selected proposals will be presented.