Kerala temples observe Ramayana month

Karkkidakam, the last month of the Malayalam Calendar is observed as Ramayana month. Temples in Kerala started observing Ramayana month on July 17, 2014. In Malayalam, the month is called the ‘Ramayana Masam’.

During this month the temples and homes of the state recites Adyatma Ramayana Kilippattu written by Thunjath Ezhuthachan for the 31 days. Ezhuthachan is regarded as the father of Malayalam literature. The recital of epic Ramayana begins on the first day of the month and is completed on the last day of the month Karkkidakom, which is on August 16, 2014. Elder members recite the

Ramayana everyday in the evenings after lighting traditional lamp nilavilakku.

Several competitions and cultural activities based on Ramayana are organised across the state in pursuance of the centuries old custom of Ramayana month.