‘Know your candidate’ tool launched by Google for Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Screenshot_1As part of the ongoing Lok Sabha Elections 2014 in India, Internet giant Google has come up with its tool ‘Know Your Candidate’ which will assist Citizens of India to get a very basic snapshot information about their Candidates, incumbent MPs as well as other candidates contesting from all over India. The tool incorporates publicly accessible information, such as educational background, financial details and social media presence about the candidate. The information has been obtained from Indian organizations such as the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), PRS Legislative Research and Liberty Institute India.

The tool which will be modified on a regular basis, will furnish information about all candidates as they get finalized. The information will be made available at least a week before the voting day in each constituency. This will assist Voters to assist in selection the right candidate from their constituency.

Click here to use the “Know Your Candidate” Tool by Google



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