“Law, Justice and Judicial Power – Justice P N Bhagwati’s Approach” Book Launched

The book “Law, Justice and Judicial Power – Justice P N Bhagwati’s Approach” written by Mool Chand Sharma was launched by the Chief Justice of India, Shri Justice Ranjan Gogoi. The first copy of the book was received by the President Ram Nath Kovind.

The book is a collection of 24 essays celebrating Justice P N Bhagwati’s judicial work and landmark judgments as well as his work towards introducing public interest litigation in India.

Justice P N Bhagwati’s contribution to the Indian Judicial System

Justice Bhagwati has been referred to as the father of public interest litigation in India. He imparted idealism and simplicity to the highest court in the country wherein even a petition filed on a postcard was taken into consideration.

The PIL tradition initiated by him is an Indian contribution to the practice of law and the process of justice delivery. It is admired by other democracies and other legal systems as well.

The Chief Justice of India, Shri Justice Ranjan Gogoi referred to Justice Bhagwati as the “harbinger of environmental jurisprudence” and a “judicial statesman”.

Justice Bhagwati evolved constitutional ideas that are still getting shaped. It was Justice Bhagwati who envisaged the necessity for specialized Environmental Courts, which later manifested itself in the form of the National Green Tribunal. For the first time, the prison reforms were embarked upon in India due to the efforts of Justice Bhagwati.



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