Majuli set to become country’s first ever carbon neutral district

Assam government has launched ‘Sustainable Action for Climate Resilient Development in Majuli’ (SACReD, Majuli) to make river island Majuli country’s first ever Carbon Neutral district by 2020.

The project has been initiated by Assam’s department of Environment and Forest to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It presents a vision and roadap for a carbon netural Majuli.

Key Facts
  • SACReD, Majuli project is part of the French Development Agency assisted Assam Project on Forest and Biodiversity Conservation (APFBC).
  • Under it, mitigation through forestry activities and biodiversity conservation will be the starting points for carbon neutral agenda followed by other interventions over the next three years.
  • The project will be designed and implemented in partnership with other departments of island district for which a district level committee under chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner has been constituted.

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  • Vaibhav Pandey

    The island of Majuli is free of pollution due to lack of industries. To make it Carbon neutral, the govt could just kill each and every single organism on the river island and make the plants expel O2 instead of CO2 at night. This would be a revolution, if the govt could even manage it by 20020. Read here, wikipedia says Majuli is not at all polluted:

    • HereiM

      Thanks for this link.