Married daughters eligible for appointment on compassionate grounds: Allahabad HC

Allahabad High Court in its judgment has made married daughters of deceased government employees eligible for appointments on compassionate grounds in government jobs.

Ruling in this regard was given by a bench comprising Chief Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Yashwant Verma on a petition filed by a Vimla Srivastava.

The petitioner had challenged the validity of clauses 2C-3 of Uttar Pradesh Recruitment of Government Servants Dying in Harness Rules. The Clause 2C-3 only allowed unmarried or widowed daughters of deceased government employees eligible for appointment on compassionate grounds.

Allahabad High Court Judgment

  • High Court held that clause 2C-3 is unconstitutional and violated fundamental rights.
  • Observed that when married son could get jobs on compassionate grounds then there is no reason to deny the same to married daughter.
  • Pointed out that the exclusion of married daughters violated Article 14 (Right to Equality), Article 15 (prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of sex, religion, caste etc.) and Article 16 (equality of opportunity in matters of public employment)



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  • kejriwal

    I disagree with this judgement of High court. If right to equality is considered then it should be applied in all rounds and not just for favouring women.
    1. like serving and taking care of parent is expected from men similarly women should also serve their parents.
    2. Recruitment applications either extempt girls from paying the fees or they have to pay only a nominal amount while guys have to pay 500-2000 for applications. Similar favour is done with SC and STs.

    If this kind of injustice is done then don’t expect the discrimination done with Women, SCs and STs.
    This will continue.

  • nazir

    Men are asked to pay mantainance in case of divorce nd womaen r not.