Measurement of Liveability Index of Cities to commence Next Month

Ministry of Urban Development will launch measuring of Liveability Index of cities in the next month. The index will be based on indigenously evolved methodology. The Ministry of Urban Development has already released a detailed document on “Methodology for Collection and Computation of Liveability Standards in Cities”. The index will measure the Liveability Standards of 140 cities including 53 cities with population of 1 million and above. To carry out the assessment, the Ministry has invited bids for selecting the agency.

The aim of the assessment will be to instill a sense of healthy competition among cities and towns in the country and to help them focus their attention on improving governance and infrastructure availability.

Cities will be assessed on 15 core parameters relating to Governance, social infrastructure pertaining to education, health and safety and security, economic aspects and physical infrastructure like housing, open spaces, land use, energy and water availability, solid waste management, pollution etc. Totally, based on 79 aspects, the Cities would be ranked on the Liveability Index.



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  • Shivaraj

    I am resident of Basavakalyan city, it is an historical city, but there is no drainage and etc, basic needs to lead healthy common life.

  • Shivaraj

    Give heed of you to bring awareness of the public.