Current Affairs - December, 2019

Govt to launch Digital Radio by 2024

Centre government is planning to revamp ‘All India Radio’ officially known as ‘Akashvani’ by introducing Digital Radio in India by 2024, when the country will be technologically-equipped for it. The announcement in this regard was made by Union Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Minister Prakash Javadekar at the 2019 Akashvani Annual Awards in New Delhi.


All India Radio is an institution which is a part of people’s lives in form of music, news or entertainment and with AIR news commanding huge credibility, as being one of the largest news gathering and dissemination apparatus in world, there is a needs for AIR to stay ahead of competition from private players. Therefore, once Digital Radio is launch by 2024, there will be more clarity as the audio of digital radio will be more clear, and with digital radio having higher reach Akashvani will be heard for longer range. There will also be four times more stations.

About All India Radio (AIR)

AIR was established in 1936 and is officially known as Akashvani since 1956. It is the national public radio broadcaster of India and is a division of Prasar Bharati, which is India’s largest public broadcasting agency. AIR is sister service of Prasar Bharati’s Doordarshan elevision Network.

Pakistan to import polio markers from India

The Pakistan Government decided to import Polio markers from India recently. The Government had suspended the trade with New Delhi for months after abrogation of Article 370.


There are three countries in the world where Polio is still endemic. It includes Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. As of December 2019, there have been 111 documented cases of wild polio virus in Pakistan. In 2014, Pakistan had the highest number of polio cases in the world. The country has recently decided to import polio markers from India. The cabinet has provided one-time permission for the import.

The polio markers are used to mark the fingers of the children after they are vaccinated with vaccines that are approved by the WHO.


The disease is caused by Poliovirus. In 1995, India launched Global Polio Eradication initiative of WHO that aims at 100% coverage. With the programme successfully implemented, India has completely eradicated Polio. The last case of Polio was reported in 2011 in India.