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Animal Culture linked to its Conservation at CMS COP 13 for the first time

The Convention on the Conservation on Migratory birds Conference of Parties (CMS COP 13) is being held in Gandhinagar. Proposals were presented to conserve Sperm Whales and Chimpanzees based on their culture. This is the first time such proposal is being made in the world.


It was presented at the conference that some of the animals such as elephants, dolphins and whales acquire some of their knowledge through social learning. They learn most of their behaviors from adults, especially the migrating routes.


The report presented at the conference says that when a species gets vanished from an area, its critical knowledge will also be lost. For instance, as a result of commercial whaling in the coast of New Zealand, the whales lost their knowledge of migration route and stopped calving in the region. This was during 1800. Recently, in 2000, after 200 years, they have started calving in the region again.

This proves that genetic mixing among the species might help in recolonizing their forgotten destinations. Therefore, it is essential to protect their cultural knowledge for their survival.

In case of Chimpanzees, their nut cracking methodologies are passed on to their next generations.

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World Wide Education for the Future Index: India jumps to rank 35

The Economic Intelligence Unit recently published the Worldwide Education for the Future Index for the year 2019. India has jumped by five ranks and currently holds rank 35.


The ranking is provided based on the ability of a country to equip their students in skill-based education. India ranked 35th with an overall score of 53. The scores were provided based on the performance of the countries in three countries namely teaching, policy environment and teaching environment. In 2018, India ranked 40th with an overall score of 41.2.

In Policy Environment, India scored 56.3, in teaching environment its score was 52.2 and in socio-economic environment India’s score was 50.1.

India has performed better in socio-economic environment. This is because in 2018, its score was 32.2. However, the performance decreased in policy environment as the score in the area in 2018 was 61.5

Global Rankings

Among the largest economies the countries that fell back in their rankings include US, UK, Russia and France. On other hand, India, China and Indonesia performer better as compared to the previous year.

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