Narendra Modi uses idea of ‘zero hour’ at Cabinet meetings

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced the concept of “zero hour” at Cabinet meetings.

The “zero hour” will be the free-wheeling discussions where ministers can bring up any issue they feel relevant for the Cabinet’s informal consideration.

The practice come from Gujarat when Modi was  state’s chief minister, the difference being that then the zero hour happened at the start of cabinet meetings and Modi absented himself during the deliberations to let ministers speak up without feeling hesitant due to his presence.

The concept is almost same with a change that now Modi also attends the discussions to listen to ministerial colleagues though he does not speaks too often. The objective behind is to bring issues to the PM’s notice and getting a sense of the cabinet on how a particular situation or development is evolving in terms of its public perception or political ramifications. The Modi cabinet holds its discussions without officials barring the cabinet secretary and national security advisor who are permanent invitees to ministerial discussions.



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