“3D Hologram Technology” used to broadcast Narendra Modi’s rallies all over India

Screenshot_3BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is using the advanced 3D hologram technology, to address around 1,000 rallies in different States on the same day.

How Narendra Modi’s live rallies on a single day at several places is made possible ?

This has been made possible by the use of 3D-Hologram Technology. BJP is performing virtual campaigns using 3-D hologram technology in such a large scale for communication during the election period. With the use of 3D Hologram Technology, Modi addresses lakhs of people at the same time, sitting at one place.

Narendra Modi had previously also used this technology. It was used by him for the first time for his election meetings in 2012 to address voters over 53 locations in Gujarat simultaneously.

What Is Holography?

Holography is the science of producing holograms. This advanced form of photography permits the light scattered from an object to be recorded in 3 dimensions and later reconstructed.


Screenshot_4The 1948 paper by Dennis Gabor, considered as the Father of Holography and Holographic Technologies, is the foundation for modern Holography. The interesting thing about his paper was that laser light had not even been invented till the time Dennis wrote his paper.


  • 1948: Dennis Gabor developed the theory of Holography
  • 1960: Pulsed Ruby Laser was developed
  • 1962: White Light Reflection Hologram were developed
  • 1983: Master Card became the first Credit Card to use Holograms
  • 2009: Interactive Holographic displays developed
  • 2010: Development of Moving 3D Holograms

Hologram Properties:

Screenshot_5A Hologram when looked from various angles, projects different perspectives. It normally looks like a glittering picture or smear of colors and if cut in half, each half comprises of whole views of the entire holographic image.

How 3D Holographic Projection Technology used in Narendra Modi’s campaign works?

The technology used in Narendra Modi’s campaign is based on “Hi-Definition Projection Technology”. The technique Narendra Modi is captured in a 3D Aspect with a Special Hi-Definition Camera on a specially built Stage and then Projected “As Is” at several remote locations “At-A-Time”. This necessitates the use of a laser, interference, diffraction, and light intensity recording and suitable illumination of the recording. The image alters as the position and orientation of the viewing system alters. The public (audience) at the other end of the stage experience the presence of Narendra Modi (projected ‘Virtual” person) in front of them and, without even wearing any kind of 3D glasses.

Holography may be viewed as analogous to sound recording, in which a sound field created by a vibrating material viz. musical instrument or vocal cord, is encoded in such a manner that it can be reproduced afterwards, without the presence of the original vibrating matter. Similarly, in Holography a light field (produced from a light source scattered off objects) is recorded and afterwards reconstructed when the original light field is no longer present, because of the absence of the original object.

[icon name=”icon-hand-right”]This technique is grounded on “Pepper’s ghost”, a theatre proficiency used for centuries in plays and magic tricks for developing illusions.  In the ingenious re-imagining of the Pepper’s Ghost technique a patented foil, completely invisible to the naked eye, is rigged at 4 all over the stage. The stage reflects back the content from the projector upwards to the foil which gives a feeling of a real 3D moving live image on the stage.

Based on Pepper’s ghost illusion technique


A Model of Stage setup used in Narendra Modi’s virtual rallies


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