National Clinical Registry of COVID-19 Patients

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in collaboration with AIIMS, is creating a new rigorous database of COVID-19 patients, admitted across the country with the aim of improving treatment in hospitals.


The database, titled as National clinical registry for COVID-19 patients, will also act as a platform to conduct clinical trials and study its response against the deadly virus.

At present, a total of 15 institutions will create a network to implement the project. Gradually other medical colleges or hospitals that have not yet received clearance from ICMR will also be included as part of the project. The government is focusing on the collection of data in a more systematic, structured, and a scientific way which could later be used as a repository. A team of experts such as clinicians, scientists, analysts, and biostatistics will be in charge of the registry.


The main purpose of creating the registry is to understand the nature of the disease and to study how it is affecting different people in a different manner. It will also enable health officials to understand why therapies are not working with the same curability for everyone.


ICMR is going to host a conference with experts like Dr Anthony Fauci (top infectious disease expert in the US), and other experts from different countries. ICMR will conduct discussion and presentations on “Novel Ideas in Science and Ethics of Vaccines against Covid-19 pandemic”. They will be discussing the development of COVID vaccine, adoption of emerging evidence in pandemic situations, community engagement and other developmental issues.