Nepal turns to UN over ‘obstruction’ of trade point with India 

Nepal has turned to the United Nations over alleged obstruction of a key border trade point with India which has resulted in acute shortage of essential goods.

Nepal’s position

  • Claims to be suffering from scarcity of essential goods like fuel and cooking gas due to “undeclared blockade” of a key trade point at the border with India.
  • Appealed to the international community to ensure effective and unhindered freedom of transit of land-locked countries is not curtailed.
  • Issue of India’s blockade is affecting implementation of the Vienna Programme of Action from year 2014 to 2024 of developing countries (LLDCs) like Nepal.

The problem of economic blockade had arisen after people especially of Terai region of Nepal had started protesting against its newly-promulgated Constitution.

India however has rejected Nepal’s allegations over blockade as false. It has emphasised that it can only take goods trucks up to the border and beyond that it is the responsibility of the Nepalese side to ensure adequate safety and security for the trucks.



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