NITI Aayog constitutes Expert Task Force on Employment and Exports

The National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog has constituted Expert Task Force to provide major thrust to job creation by enhancing India’s exports. It will be headed by NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Dr Rajiv Kumar.

The task force will give sector-specific recommendations in key employment sectors for policy interventions and suggest measures to enhance trade in services with high employment potential.


Majority of Indian workforce are still employed in low-productivity, low-wage jobs in small, micro and own-account enterprises. There is urgent and sustained expansion of organized sector to address India’s unemployment and under-employment issue also jobless growth issue. Moreover considering importance of exports in generating formal sector jobs, India also needs to create favorable environment in which globally competitive exporters emerge and flourish. So, it has become necessary to devise strategy to enable shift towards more labour-intensive goods and services that are destined for exports.

Terms of References

The expert task force will propose comprehensive plan of action to generate employment and alleviate under-employment and low wages by boosting India’s exports in key labour-intensive industries. It will recommend sector-specific policy interventions in key employment sectors and suggest measures to enhance trade in services with high employment potential

It will identify key macroeconomic factors constraining exports and suggesting methods to address these constraints. It will assess effectiveness of existing schemes to promote exports. It will also suggest measures to address issues related to logistics, export credits and trade facilitation.

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