‘One Life is Not Enough’: Autobiography of Natwar Singh released

One Life is Not EnoughAn autobiography of the former External Affairs Minister and veteran Congress Party leader Natwar Singh was released. The book titled “One Life is Not Enough” is penned by Kunwar Natwar Singh.

This book has been in news and controversy since past few days because it discloses much information about Sonia Gandhi, the President of the Congress Party.

The most debated information revealed in the book includes
the truth behind the fact that forced Sonia Gandhi to not opt for the post of Prime Minister in 2004 General Elections. As per the book, it was not the inner soul of Sonia Gandhi that forced her to withdraw her name from the position of Prime Minister, but it was her son Rahul Gandhi, who feared that his mother’s fate would end up like his grandmother and father.

The book holds Sonia Gandhi responsible for the drubbing of Congress in the 16th General Elections.





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