Oxford led COVID-19 Vaccine trial put on hold

When the whole world is eyeing the successful launch of COVID-19 vaccine, there is bad news for folks out there. Oxford which is one of the biggest contenders for the production of vaccine has gotten into a serious problem. The vaccine trial has been put onto hold giving reasons to safety concerns.

Why the trial of the vaccine has put onto ban?


Oxford has been world’s leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates since the time it first released the news of finding the vaccine for Corona Virus. The vaccine was jointly developed by pharmaceutical company AstrZeneca and scientists at the University of Oxford. The joint development was considered as the front runner in the global race to find a safe and effective vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Reason for the ban

Fortunately, the vaccine reached the phase three trial and was doing great. The whole world hoped it would soon successfully complete the trial and will be available for the public. The vaccine was in trial at various country including, United States, Brazil, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. While the trial was in progress one of the volunteers at UK has developed an unexplained illness. This event has triggered the medical authorities and a big question has been put on the vaccine development.

How it will impact other contenders?

A severe adverse reaction to the vaccine in one of the trials has forced researchers to ponder upon the vaccine development once again. However, for now only the trial conducted by the Oxford has been suspended but the move is of great concern for other developers as well. Now, other companies will have to cross check before launching any trial.