Industrial Meet of ‘Wings India’-Asia’s largest Civil Aviation Event held at Bengaluru

On January 18, 2020, the Industrial meet of the Asia’s largest Civil Aviation was held in Bengaluru. The Civil Aviation event is to be held at Begumpet airport, Hyderabad in March 2020. The theme of the event will be

Theme: Flying for All


The Industrial Meet was held at Bengaluru as the city is the IT Capital of India and has the potential to become an Aviation Capital of the country. The aim of the meet is to unite all the regulators and facilitators of the aviation sector. It was announced at the event that GoI has planned to set up a world class training facility for astronauts and pilots together.

Aviation Sector in India

India is the third largest domestic civil aviation market in the world. Also, it is the second fastest aviation industry in the world. Currently, India ranks 9 in terms of the civil aviation market.

The aviation sector currently contributes 72 billion USD to GDP. It provides job opportunities to 8 million Indians.

Targets set for aviation sector

    • India aims to become the third largest aviation market globally by 2024
    • The number of Indian carriers is to be increased to 1,100 by 2027
    • The freight traffic at the airports of India is to cross 11.4 MT by 2032.

Government measures

The GoI has taken several measures to improve the sector. It includes permitting 100% FDI in sea planes, helicopter services, group handling services and non-scheduled air transport services

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Firsts of Census 2021: Cereals eaten, transgender run houses

For the first time, the Census will collect data of transgenders headed houses. Also, the census will enquire about “Main cereal”, which is also included for the first time in the history of census of India.


The Census 2021 is to ask 31 questions to the citizens. For the first time of Indian history, the following are to be included

  • The information about households run by transgender is to be collected. Under the question of sex of household head, male, female and transgender is to be collected.
  • The Census 2021 is to be conducted through mobile phone application
  • Inquiry about main cereal consumed
  • Earlier it was announced that the census for the first time will collect data on OBC. However, this has not been included. Rather there is provision of SC/ST in the census.

The questions to be asked are decided by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The census is to begin by September 2020

What are the questions asked?

During the Census 2021, the following questions are to be asked to the citizens

  • Questions one to five are related to building numbers, floor material of the house, house number, wall and roof of the house, condition of the census house and use of census house
  • Questions six and seven are about total number of persons normally residing, household number
  • The other questions include caste details, ownership status of the house, access to latrine, LPG connection, smart phone, car, drinking water availability, main source of lighting, type of latrine, waste water outlet, main cereal consumed, etc.

Previous Census

The 2011 census clubbed the employment of transgender, their caste and literacy under “Males” category.

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