First “Made in India” COVID-19 Test Kit gets commercial approval from CDSCO

A Pune based testing services MyLab has become the first Indian company to get an commercial approval from CDSCO for the sales of COVID-19 testing kits sale.

About the Kit

The kit was developed by MyLab testing services. The testing time of COVID-19 in current lab testing services is 4 hours. However, MyLAb’s testing time is 2 ½ hours. The laboratory is to sell the kits at Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,500 per test. Currently, the Government of India has fixed the cap price of COVID-19 as Rs 4,500. No laboratory in India can charge more than this fixed amount to test the COVID-19. The move was made after the Indian Government allowed the private organizations to test for the virus.

A single kit can study 1000 samples. The testing methodology adopted have been validated by National Institute of Virology. The kits are based on Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain reaction


Currently, India ranks lowest in testing of COVID-19 virus. Currently India is testing only 15 people in 1 million.

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Abel Prize, 2020 to Hillel Frustenberg and Gregory Margulis

The Norwegian Academy of Science is to award the Abel Prize for the year 2020 to the two great mathematicians Hillel Frustenberg and Gregory Margulis. They are being honoured for their work towards probability and dynamics in number theory, combinatorics and Group Theory.

Hillel Frustenberg

He is an American-Israeli mathematician at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was born in Germany. His family escaped to the US before the outbreak of Second World War. An additive number theory has been named after him as Frustenberg-Sarkozy theorem. He has also won the Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Gregory Margulis

He is a Russian-American mathematician. He is known for his works on lattices. He has received the Fields medal, wolf prize and the Able prize becoming the fifth person to receive all the three prizes.

Abel Prize

The Abel Prize is a Norwegian prize that is being presented annually by the King of Norway. Every Abel Prize recipient is awarded with 7.5 million Norwegian Kroner.

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