Shiv Bhojan Tali Scheme launched in Maharashtra

At the 71st celebrations of Republic Day, Maharashtra Govenrment launched the Shiv Bhojan Scheme. The scheme will offer meals at Rs 10 to the poor.


On the eve of Republic Day, at least one Shiv Bhojan canteen was started at the district head quarters all over the state. The scheme aims at providing meals to the poor at designated centres during stipulated time.

The scheme aims at providing affordable, quality food to all. The State Government has estimated that the scheme would cost Rs 6.4 crores and is expected to run for three months.

About the Centre

Also, the centres of the scheme are to opened at places where the below poverty line citizens live. Also, it is to be opened in areas like district hospitals, markets, railway stations. Initially the Government has planned to set up 50 such centres. The numbers are to be increased based on the feedback.

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DRDO displays A-SAT weapon system at Republic Day Parade

On January 26, 2020, the Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) displayed the A-SAT weapon system. A-SAT is the Anti-Satellite Weapon System. India is one of the few countries in the world to own the technology. The other countries include US, China and Russia.


DRDO launched “Mission Shakti”, the first A-SAT mission. The mission demonstrated anti-satellite technology. The mission destroyed a live orbiting satellite at the Low Earth Orbit. The mission used a missile at a speed of 11 km per second to destroy the satellite.

The technology used in the A-SAT mission was named by India as “hit to kill” technology. The covert technology was developed by India. It enables to destroy enemy satellite with 10-centi metre accuracy.

International Treaty

India is a signatory of the international treaty on space, the 1967 Outer Space Treaty. According to the treaty, mass destruction of weapons in outer space are alone prohibited.

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