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8 % of male infertility due to genetic deletions in Y chromosome

A recent study found that two spontaneously recurring deletions along a complex region of the Y chromosome are responsible for around 8 % of cases of failed sperm production.

Although research was already available which established the relation b/w AZFc (Azoospermia Factor c) and Severe Spermatogenic Failure (SSF), the current research determines the prevalence of these deletion in general population.


Bangladesh-Maldives sand deal postponed

Bangladesh and Maldives have deferred the sand deal they were planning to ink in 2011.

What was to be signed in the deal?

  • Both the nations had planned to ship sand to Maldives which is facing serious threat of being deluged if the sea level rises by even 1 metre.
  • Bangladesh was ready to provide them sand from their rivers. The sand was to be used in raising the level of land in Maldives in defense against rising sea level.
  • In 2008, Maldives had announced that it will set up a sovereign wealth fund with tourism revenue to relocate people if sea level rises.
  • The island nation even had plans to buy land in India, Australia and Sri Lanka to tackle the problem.